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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do your measurements meet current guidelines?
    Yes, all our measurements meet current RECA, CREB, VREB VIREB, CREA and BOMA guidelines and we are constantly reviewing and implementing the latest standards.
  • When can I expect to receive my images and floor plans?
    Images, measurements and floor plans are delivered by the end of the next business day (excluding Sundays).
  • What is your photography guarantee?
    We will always re-edit or re-shoot free of charge where necessary for changes that are within our control. Your happiness is our top concern!
  • How long will an appointment take?
    Photography appointments generally take only about 30 mins and iGuide measurement and floor plan appointments take about an hour on an average home.
  • Will the photographer assist in staging or moving furniture?
    No, the photographer anticipates that the home will be ready when they arrive. Please take the time to arrive 15 minutes before the the appointment to ensure the home is ready. Turn on all the lights and lamps and lift the blinds if desired. Garbage and recycling bins should also be out of sight. This helps to ensure our prompt scheduling and maintain our competitive prices
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